By definition, ‘Polite Society’ refers to the wealthy and their appreciation for ‘appropriate behavior.’ Polite Society, the label, transcends that very thought process and instead values community, culture, and comfort. The brand versatile garments across categories that go beyond trends and fads and delivers wardrobe investments that instill confidence and conviction within the wearer. The brand’s aim is a simple one - to craft clothes that are as innovative as they are wearable, all while fostering a culture that brings local talent and craftsmanship to the fore of fashion.  

A rich sense of community is prevalent in the brand’s approach towards their collections and clothing. By ensuring that the wearer’s comfort is at the core of every style, the brand aims to become a closet front-runner with its easy-wearing, fuss-free pieces. By constantly challenging the notions and rules that surround silhouettes and forms, the label remains timeless, classic, but still modern.  

Already making local and global waves in the likes of Singapore, Malaysia, and USA, the team at Polite Society works to ensure that the label paves the way towards becoming a highly inclusive & universally accessible ready-to-wear option. With collections & micro-drops rich in denim, corsets, and prints, the brand offers a deeply undiluted take on streetwear.