Meet Surmai Jain:

Polite Society’s Founder & Creative Director entered the world of fashion with a bachelors in fashion communication from NIFT Mumbai and an associate degree in marketing & advertising communication from FIT New York. Her global education & upbringing coupled with her acute awareness of the Indian consumer & culture make Polite Society a force to reckon with. After an initial foray into graphic design, Surmai went on to discover her calling - building her own label from the ground up.

Having grown up in different cities of India and Armenia, Surmai experienced the cultural disparity in both countries, leaving her enamored with the nuances of both places. Polite Society is driven by a deep emotional foundation, yet is visually put-together, and neat. Backed by a distinctive design language that’s been fostered through years of painting, Surmai delves deeper into the duality of ideas that naturally feel out of sync but somehow sit together seamlessly.  

She began Polite Society as a way for wearers to choose empowerment in the form of clothing. Her experimental designs and thought process allow her to channel unfiltered creative energy towards the label, making it an amalgamation of originality and expression.